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February 5, 2023

Appreciation post! (It’s a long one but I’m just talking about what’s on my head 💯) Held back on this these last couple of days because I didn’t exactly know how to put my words together but we hit 100K followers here on IG and 10K subscribers on YouTube this week and I’m still in shock about it! If you would’ve told that same 15 year old kid who got bullied on a daily, because of how he dressed, that 10 years later he’d be at THIS point, he wouldn’t believe you. And I’m still coming to terms with it all. Only thing I do at this point is thank God for blessing me: seeing me through all of this with grace and clarity. Thank Wifey for holding me down and taking these beautiful camera angles without a SINGLE complaint 🌺 Thank Mama HB for setting me down this path with buying clothes I knew she couldn’t afford at the time ❤️ Thank and for becoming my brothers, holding me accountable, and inspiring me to push forward and be better. 🤎Thank the GOATs that I met in this field that inspire me and challenge me to post anytime I see them post. Thank for helping me make the awesome connections I’ve been able to make over the last year 💪🏾 And of course thank EVERY SINGLE ONE of you that hit that follow button and supported me up to this point. Wether you’ve been here for the 6 years I’ve been doing this or you just followed 6 minutes ago - I got so much love for you all and I couldn’t be more proud of what HB has become, as a community and an upcoming brand 💯🤎I’ll be doing a huge giveaway very very soon, I’m still trying to pool in as many resources as I can so I can put my best foot forward with this, so stay tuned for that! But again, Thank You! 💯•••••#classystreetwear #nclgallery#streetwearmen #blackmenhairstyles #blackmenfashion #blackboyfashion #chinos #povoutfit #fashionformens#walmartchallenge #mensfashion #fashionforeveryone #mensstyle #minimalhouse1 #oversizedshirt #blackchinos #braidedmen #cozystreetwear #nikejoggers #hbfashion #indianapolisfashion #indystyles
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